Инструкция видеорегистратор hd driving recorder

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Видеорегистратор из Китая. Часть 4. Итоги испытаний.
Car driving recorder из Китая. Часть 4. ВЫВОДЫ. Отзывы пользователя автомобильного видеорегистратора купленного…

Wide Angle CoverageGet the entire picture: an enhanced 100° viewing angle provides a wider field of view to maximize coverage compared to the traditional 70° to 75° viewing angle cameras. Plus your family can watch live or recorded TV in four rooms at the same time. Hikvision Card Linux SDK_v6.1 (12,1 Mb) supports to develop software for DS-4200 & DS-4000 & DS-4300 series card under the Linux environment. You can also get tips on how to manage your recordings. Each camera can be set to record constantly or customized to record based on motion activation or a scheduled times.

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