Инструкция видеорегистратора car cam corder g30

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Обзор видеорегистратора Car DVR Camcorder
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Taking dashcam videos from around the internet and re-uploading them in compilations to Youtube, Facebook, or any other video service is copyright infringement and is illegal! Options include night vision and seamless loop-cycle recording — so that when the memory card (not included) has no memory, the camera will delete the earliest video automatically and then continue shooting. Alternatively: A modular/scalable system consiting of single-camera units (each with a small low-profile camera and separate DVR). Each camera should be able to send its video feed to a single (multiplexed) monitor on the car’s dash. The old police car dashcams were essentially single-camera analog CCTV systems, with the tape recording unit in the trunk. Lens Blur on One Side Some owners have complained about blurry picture quality on one side of the camera (usually the right side). This does not afflict all cameras but has been reported a few times.

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