Инструкция для рации uv-5r

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The manual will however be completed and released, that is guaranteed. However, the regular FM radio capability is convenient. Например BFB297. Возможно ли поменять прошивку контроллера? — Нет, контроллер прошивается производителем ОДИН раз, изменить не возможно. Posted by xles on Sep 11th 2012 So, website is done. Note that these radios are not ideally suited for scanning purposes – mainly because their scanning rate is too slow. By the time they’ve cycled through 100 or so channels and returned to channel one, more than 30 seconds has passed. Most amateur radio repeaters don’t re transmit the DCS or CTCSS tones, therefore both must be off in the UV-5R in order to receive all transmissions without problems. If the repeater you are trying to access requires a DCS tone.

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