Mp-200 lcd инструкция

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Honestly, the D800 and D800E have a slight green-yellow cast to their images, so I prefer the colors I get from the D3200! (just don’t tell the D800 users that!) Auto White Balance continues to get better with every generation of Nikon camera. Unlike its predecessor model, the MB-D100 for the Nikon D100, the MB-D200 does not feature a voice recording facility. WT-3a[edit] The wireless image transmitter, WT-3a, is capable of transmitting images via IEEE 802.11g WLAN to an FTP server. Price (USA) top October 2012: $599 with 18-55mm VR lens. Fill-flash exposures indoors at night give the usual black backgrounds with little ambient light and overpowering flash, as expected. Shutter top 1/4,000 ~ 30 seconds in third-stop steps. Bulb. Time exposures with optional ML-L3 remote control.

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