Сигма 70-200 инструкция

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Tradesmen/women have a mantra: “Use the right tool for the job”. You’ll never ever see an auto-mechanic trying to change a tire using a pair of vice grips to take out the lug nuts. The linkages on both the lens and TC seem ok and I use the TC with a Nikon 300mm f4 all the time without a problem. Extra magnification can be found through the use of the compatible Sigma 1.4x and Sigma 2x Teleconverters. More of a big deal to me, as I mentioned earlier, is the Sigma’s rear-positioned focus ring. In use, my left hand’s fingers rest on this ring. Tamron 70-200 VC | Sigma 70-200 OS | Canon 70-200 L IS II | Canon 70-200 L IS II @ f/11 Aside from the difference in the magnification of the blurred subjects, I don’t see any differentiating qualities in the results of this comparison.

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