Инструкция devo8s

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See the following document for more information: The first four channels represent Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Rudder. Gear (ch 5) is binary. Ch 6 is disabled Heli: AIL, ELE, THR, RUD, GYRO are proportional. The Fixed ID has no effect, and there is no binding associated with this protocol. Lights are controlled by Channel 5 Video is controlled by Channel 6 Camera is controlled by Channel 7 Flip is controlled by Channel 8 V6x6: Enables the extensions for the WLToys V636 and V686 quadcopters. You can purchase one of the upgrade module made for the Devo 8 and 12 to get your Devo 7e up and running again. Note the “plus” version of the nRF device is required to support the 250kbits/s data rate.

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