Инструкция на yamaha yq 50 2004

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Positive tester probe → positive battery terminal Negative tester probe → negative battery terminal • Start the engine and let it run at approxi- mately 5,000 r/min. • Measure the charging voltage. Page 4 This manual should be considered a permanent part of this scooter and should remain with it even if the scooter is sub- sequently sold. Check the battery. 4. Battery The engine turns over The battery is good. Click a model name to show specifications and pictures. Page 51: Replacing The Fuse ZAUM0282 4. If the fuse immediately blows 1. Fuse again, have a Yamaha dealer The fuse holder is located behind panel check the electrical system. A. (See page 6-5.) If the fuse is blown, replace it as fol- lows.

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