Spl meter radioshack инструкция

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Safety Volume calibration is the first step in any acoustical, audio and auditory testing and experiments. Safe Sound Levels / Calibration of WWW DFG DFG modules can be used in combination with WWW SLM in a variety of very interesting acoustical, audio, auditory, psycho-acoustic, and electronic experiments. Think again. It’s easy for audiophiles to be fooled by inaccurate bass response. For calibration of headphones or earphones one needs SLM (for example from Radio Shack, B&K, etc.) and an acoustical coupler (such as DR1, DR2, or DR1-R from Digital Recordings). Warble Tone Generator (one of the DFG modules) should be used for most accurate calibration. Doesn’t feel cheap. I got it to measure sounds around the house (including a noisy furnace I want to get rid of). I have measured different sounds from a low of 34.2 dB to a high of 112. The two ranges make it easy to select the correct range. This may take longer, but it is easier to see what you are doing this way and easier to be sure you are connecting the new capacitors into the proper holes in the circuit board.

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