Spl meter radioshack инструкция

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Good microphones are produced by AKG, B&K, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, etc. Earphones Should be of good quality (for example some models of SONY, Panasonic, JVC, AKG, KOSS). Miniature earphones (or earbuds) can be turned into good-quality «closed-type headphones» by wearing earmuffs over them. The user controls are a bit ambiguous, so be prepared to have the manual handy for explanations. One convenient measuring device that some audiophiles, including me, have been using for years is the venerable RadioShack Analog-Display Sound-Level Meter, Catalog Number 33-2050. But is the RS meter accurate enough to use for this purpose? The Digital Sound Level application and the WWW Digital Function Generator will be launched in a separate browser window.

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