Wst-900 clip evo tuner инструкция

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Post the first review on Harmony Central. WST-900A has 9 major advantages to make tuning a lot easier! After a custom LMT tune this auto C6 laid down 372/376. 2004 pontiac gto 2004 goat in with some bolt on modifications, headers and an intake. Note: These instructions are for reference purposes only. The modern amenities are all here, and the body style is typical Ford presence, authoritative and suggesting. A classic in its own right, the Ranger makes drivers proud. The exterior accessories were modified to display a more aerodynamic body with new fender flares. Baselined at 453/449. After using HP tuners to access the PCM and a custom LMT tune, Jon’s CTS-V left making 518/535. Up 65 hp and 85 ft lbs. 1950 Chevy Pickup It’s not always new stuff on the dyno!

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