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Для полного счастья я ждал от устройства какого-нибудь невероятного интерфейса, но чуда, к сожалению, не произошло. «Внутренности» точно такие же, как в моем каркаме, только их тут даже несколько меньше. Specifically, the messages are aimed at parents, not children, and do not include product depictions or comparisons, price information or calls to action. Parents confirmed that the messages were different from what they saw on other children’s media sites, were appropriate for public media and did not interfere with their viewing experience. Via the Newsstand or the Books menu, you can find titles to read that are either stored locally or in your account but stored in the Amazon cloud – the latter can be checked via Books > Cloud, where books can be sorted By Author, By Recent and By Title. Once this has been done, switch to Cloud view, find the book and tap the cover illustration to download properly.

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