Инструкция к a601 хардресет

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Additionally, SSL, S/MIME, and PDF encryption protects data while it is being sent, ensuring safer data handling and preventing unauthorised use. Both models offer an impressive scanning speed of 75opm (A4, 600dpi). And once documents are scanned, the data can be moved directly to networked PCs, public or private folders on the HDD, or to fax or e-mail destinations. Для некоторых типах модулей необходимо так же выбрать частоту сканирования или сделать настройку ручного сканирования. The firmware for the devices is P101­_V211, chose the firmware named P101­_V211 (dual core), download then upgrade. 2)The general description of the firmware version: ex. Both models offer a standard paper capacity of 3,600 sheets (A6-A3, 50-200g/m2) that can be expanded to 7,600 sheets.

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